The Anomallama

Hi Hoomans!  You may know me from your favorite Ingress anomaly or a BAF or just hanging around Chicago.  I like big green triangles, long bike rides, and meeting my favorite ENL agents.  Also shaking my llama rump (I’m known to do that from time to time!).

I love hugs, am not fond of lickings, and want to turn all the things green.    Anomalies should be fun, and I’m here to make sure everyone feels the llama love!   I want everyone to come see me in Chicago during Abaddon Prime!

This year my hooman and I have been on the ground for victories in Boston, Philly, Minneapolis, and Austin!!   I’m not say’n but I’m say’n I may bring some luck. You know, green, furry, friend of victorious ENL everywhere – that kind of luck.   We can’t wait to check out New Orleans and Atlanta next year – but I want everyone to go to a ‘nomaly – be there, make things green, and plan on hitting Chicago next May!

Look for us and get llama-nated!

In the meantime, be more awesome!