Abaddon' Chicago

All Roads Lead to Chicago

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Join us on May 25, 2019 in Chicago, IL, USA!

The Chicago Enlightened community is proud to host the final Osiris Series Ingress XM anomaly, Abaddon Prime!  In May, the final battle of this Ingress anomaly series will play out on the streets of Chicago.

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Have you ever just gotten on the highway and let the throttle out? Hold that pedal down long enough and you’ll find yourself in Chicago.

Agents from Pacific to Atlantic, from across the globe, will meet here to carry the banner and bring the fight to the Resistance.

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The Chicago hotel block is now open for your booking at $159 a night. Register and check the Chicago Anomaly Slack for more info!


Swag Shop

Get a comfy shirt or hoodie with your agent name on it, light the fire with an LED illuminated badge, or expand your swag collection with the exclusive Malort Mystery pack. Some items available in limited quantities, custom orders need to be submitted by April 30!



After Party

Share stories and celebrate a well-fought battle with family and friends after the anomaly. The party runs 8PM – 11PM, open doors coinciding with the end of Niantic closing ceremonies.

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Abaddon Prime Anomaly

The main event, the XM Anomaly, is a large-scale Ingress competition. Join other Enlightened onsite to participate in several challenges over the afternoon.

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Intel Ops

Engage in a series of objectives with a team of fellow Enlightened that tests all your agent skills. Run by Foxhound Urban Adventures as part of the NIA Intel division.


Stealth Ops

Work as a team united to adapt and overcome fierce physical and mental challenges. Run by GORUCK as part of the NIA TKO division.


Mission Day

Discover Chicago together with friends of both factions as you complete a series of missions designed to highlight the most captivating and significant parts of the city.


Operation Clear Field

Join a team of fellow Enlightened or XFAC friends for an event that combines a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress game-play. Brought to you by GORUCK in partnership with Niantic.



Meet-up and support the NL-1331X's XM research program. Your anomaly ticket will serve as your to gateway to the exotic matter of this unique experience.


 All this Swag plus so much more.
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